Hail Point  FAQ

- I forgot my login information ?

   If you have forgotten your password,  click on this link to reset your password.  If you have forgotten your email address you created your account with, contact Hail Point Support and we can help locate it for you. 

- How do I update my credit card information

  Go to your "MY HAILPOINT" and Scroll down to " My Credit Cards"  you can update your credit card information here.  If you have problems. Please contact customer support.   

- How do I cancel or restart my subscription ?

  Go to your "MY HAILPOINT" and Scroll down to "Subscriptions"  under "Active" you can select "Cancel". Your subscription will not be renewed the next cycle. It will remain active through the period which you have paid.  You can also select "Restart" to resume your subscription.  If you have any problems, contact Hail Point Support.

- How do I change my Hail Alerts ?

  Go to your "MY HAILPOINT" and Scroll down to "My Alerts"  under "Action" you can select "Edit or delete". You can change the area or the minimum hail damage category which you receive alerts. 

- There was a hail report in this area, but there isn't a Hail Map, why ?

  We create hail maps when hail, greater than 1", impacts at least 500 or more homes.  Most large hail occurs without impacting many people.  This is frequent in the Plains.  We focus on creating hail maps and hail alerts on storms that cause hail damage which are of interest to our customers. 

- How do I adjust the transparency of the Hail Layer on the Hail Map, How do I get the addresses of the homes hit by hail ?

  See our short video on using our Google Hail Map. We will be adding future video tutorials on how to use our products soon. 

- How can I see how many times hail hit this home or this area in the past few years? 

  Our Hail Verification Report will give you an incredibly detailed hail history for any location in the Continental U.S. for the past 5 years.  The report contains hail size & dates for that location and any hail within a radius of 10 miles.  Here is a sample report.  



Hail Point Support Team