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Hail Point™ provides a number of exclusive storm damage analytic services for the insurance industry. Some services are:

Hail Cloud™ Hail Notify™ Hail Stream™
Hail Verify™ Hail Rank™ Storm Verify™

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Hail Point's RESTful API enables enterprise customers access to the Hail Verify™ & Storm Verify™ platforms. These incredibly powerful services allows insurers and claims processors to check the hail & weather damage history of any U.S. property. Cutting edge insurance companies rely on Hail Point for InsureTech services to grow and save money.

Hail Point's Hail Verify™ service provides insurers with a 7 year hail history for any U.S. location, with a Hail Rank™ rating indicating the likelihood a property has received hail damage on a scale from 1-10. This system allow insurers to speed claims processing, by approving claims that have been damaged by hail and flagging claims that have not.

The Hail Stream™ service provides insurers a list of insured locations that were impacted by hail within a few hours of hail damage. This enables insurers to start the claims process immediately. This results in improved customer satisfaction, reduced churn and less fraud. Hail Point's Storm Cost™ service provides insurers, financial firms near real time damage estimate from hail storms and other perils.

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